The Fool’s journey, a bio.


I was born in the Paris of the 50s.  According to the doctors I was ” lucky to be alive” being so premature  due to my mother developing antibodies against my blood cells.                                                                                And… 21 years later another close encounter with death in a car accident. This is when things started to get really interesting, my body was acting strangely. When I was in “too much” pain, I would lose consciousness and slip in a blissful state. I had an OBE (out of body experience) In the following months I discovered that my body in its mysterious ways, had somehow stored the memories of the surgeries and the pain. I was on a mission to find more about what was going on, my mind full of questions.

My first car. Le Puy France.

My first car. Le Puy France

The accident came with a great gift, money to invest in traveling so I could find answers. Which is when “coincidences” started happening and it all brought me to Poona, India at the ashram of Osho, known as Bhagwan. The ashram was offering the latest in body/mind therapy/workshop and I participated in an encounter group and tantra group which were in underground padded rooms, everybody naked and lots of catharsis of all kinds. This was not my fondest souvenir but the rebirthing group left me in a blissful state for days and some meditations were producing strange effects, like the sensation to levitate and the feeling of vibrating inside.

You have to understand that I had been raised in a very catholic family, a prayer every night and mass on Sunday. A great uncle of mine had spend his life as a missionary in the old french colony of Pondicherry We had a few catholic priests in the family and my father, before escaping into the army was destined to become a priest himself.  So I was very familiar with Jesus, Marie, the apostles and the saints and mostly ignorant of eastern traditions.                                                                                                                                                      Meeting with an enlightened master was an incredibly new and thrilling experience. By becoming a disciple or “taking Sannyas” I was to be blessed by the master himself.

February 1981 Poona, India :     I am at the back of the room, watching the show with lots of doubts in my mind. The mediums are dancing around him and the music is culminating with each person in turn getting touched on the third eye and falling backward in ecstatic let go… My turn on the marble floor.  He is looking at me and I am melting under his gaze showered by the most incredible love I have ever felt coming out of human eyes. He is telling me something and like in a dream, he touches my forehead and… just like that I find myself disappearing for a moment until I feel my body again sprawled on the floor. Same as everybody else I have to be helped since my legs don’t seem to be working so well.

By taking sannyas that day I joined a big worldwide community of people on a spiritual path who dared and claimed to be different. I love it and live it for many years. A whirlwind of friends from all over the world, coming and going. Sex, drugs and rock’n roll with a spiritual twist. The joys and dramas of communal living and a life full of adventures, meditation and dancing. A very different life than what my parents had in mind and certainly nothing I could have imagined.

From the naive faith of my Catholic childhood to the sex guru with all the Rolls Royce and a great sense of humor. (To make my point listen to his very famous “fuck discourse”.) The day I heard of Osho’s death it came first with a sense of relief because the need to be in his physical presence didn’t matter anymore and I could just stay exactly where I was, which happened to be back in France at the time. Utterly grateful for the incredible ride and on my own compass again.

There has been many a time when I have felt completely lost, wondering about where to go and what to do. Followed nine years where I lived and worked on an organic fruit farm in the Alps, had a futon shop in Aix en Provence, was a bee keeper helper in Provence and took a job as a social worker in a big refinery port near Marseille. It’s quite apparent I don’t have what you call a career plan but what I have is a strong sense of what the next step is, even when it leads to the unknown.

      More to come about my return to the US of A, meeting with my darling husband, living in a small art community in West Texas, where I went back in a spiritual closet for a while, being a glass artist and operating a food trailer…


Crepe trailer Marfa

Crepe trailer Marfa



Up to now, definitively out of the spiritual closet, reading angels cards and listening to the teachings of Bentinho Massaro I am participating in Trinfinity Academy and teaching myself what I know, which is…

It is not that difficult to feel better very fast… even when the shit hits the fan.                    I can show you how.

I studied, trained and got certified in different practices of body mind.

My approach is very practical and we will only use what is working for you.


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