Angel Cards Readings

Why using the Tarot?

Because the images are talking directly to what we sometimes call the unconscious or subconscious mind.


It bypasses what we think we know about a situation and instead show the story unfolding in the images.

When I read your cards I am telling Your Story. The story of who you think you are at the moment and the events which could be in store for you if you keep sustaining the vibration/thoughts/habits/patterns…

and the Infinite story of who You really are.

I started reading with the Rider-Waite Tarot deck when I was in India,  if you look at my bio you will know a bit more about that story.  In the past year I felt guided to use only cards which had been created and infused with Love and Light intention.

I had the pleasure to meet Doreen Virtue during a workshop on Spirit Guides and I have used her Angel and Fairy cards for myself since then. So naturally I became a Certified Angel Card Reader.

Since we are living in an amazing time of acceleration of consciousness on the whole planet it is advised to let go of the old beliefs and patterns and Tarot cards are very good at uncovering the patterns if it is necessary for you to know what they are. 

More importantly for me is to realize that we can all learn how to consciously raise our vibration and become more of the powerful beings that we are.  At this time I learn a lot from Bentinho Massaro and from being part of Trinfinity Academy  Check it out if you feel  inspired to.

I also learn tremendously every time I read the cards for somebody. It is a joy because I love to tell stories and feel the connection with Spirit. It is a great honor to be of service in this way.

Call me  432 207 0959          Readings are $50 for a session lasting from 50 to 60 mns

Below are images of the decks I am using now. Plenty to chose from…


What is emotional fitness?

Questions, anyone?garfield_purpose

Feeling depressed about it?

2006_02_12_ZenOfGarfield            Or feeling good and on purpose.

Calvin-Hobbes Philosophy

Calvin-Hobbes Philosophy

Emotion is the invisible force that affects our life the most. It is how you feel about your life that determines if you are a happy camper or not. If you spend most of your time in a state of mild annoyance or boredom or worst in sadness, anger,  guilt or shame, you will eventually create for yourself both health and mental “problems”.   All of these states are on the lower end of the vibratory scale and the more time you spend on that side of the scale and the less healthy and happy you will be.

Calvin-Hobbes Philosophy

Calvin-Hobbes Philosophy


Emotional fitness is possible, it’s easier than you think, when you have the tools.

The quality of  your Life is equal to the quality of your

Calvin-Hobbes Philosophy

Calvin-Hobbes Philosophy


If you want a change in your relationships, there is only one thing to do… and you got it…change yourself  first, last and only.                                        

What is stopping you from having the Life and Love you want?

And by the way    What is it that you really, really, really want?  and Why do you want it?


What is the dream you pushed aside and still makes your heart beat faster?

Calvin-Hobbes Philosophy

Calvin-Hobbes Philosophy

 Emotional Fitness is not about positive affirmations

Calvin-Hobbes Philosophy

Calvin-Hobbes Philosophy

It is life taking on a different meaning, a shift in yourself

Calvin-Hobbes Philosophy

Calvin-Hobbes Philosophy


10  Glorious days in the Southwest of France to make a shift and a pilgrimage to Love.

Check the video below about the house and the area, more to come….


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Let me know in the comments below what shift you want to make.